Banquet Conference

Banquet and Conference Management

All kinds of activity related information, reports and statistics in any type of format guaranteed

Plan and combine your information from the guest folio with available stock levels and costs.

Discover how easy you can manage any wedding, fashion show, new product release, annual meetings and so on with Hotech Banquet and Conference Management.

All the necessary information will be at the tip of your fingers.


  • Activity specific adjustments related to sales, consumption, equipment, appointments, guest detail and pricing
  • Defining detailed information for each wedding such as specifications regarding bride and groom, show, music etc.
  • Floor layouts
  • Timeline planning
  • Unlimited assignments and notes entry
  • Beforehand advanced cost and consumption planning
  • Extra activities tracker with or without accommodation
  • Various information input screen according to activity type
  • Invited and expected number of people
  • Sitting planning according to the type of activity
  • Product page integrated with the inventory page
  • Consumption page integrated with the inventory page
  • Event specific equipment planning
  • Unlimited assignment definition
  • Assigning supervisor for specific events
  • Unlimited contacts, contact addresses and phone numbers, notes, documents and additional information system input possibilities
  • Package description and standard prices
  • Detailed pricing options depending on the product or service
  • Automatic charging to guest folio
  • Easy planning via Calendar option

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