Hospitality CRM- Guest Relationship Management

Discover the ways of pampering your guests

  • Letters (Welcome, Thank You, celebrations, ...)
  • Guest opinions and requests
  • Questionnaires (in - house, kiosks, Web, Mobile)
  • Complaint Management
  • Guest Profiles and Other Information

With Hotech CRM you can record any kind of information about your guests. You may easily access it and use it for reaching out to your guests by communicating with them through letters, card, sms or e-mail; or you can use it for your reports and stats.
For an hotelier, CRM is a business philosophy that aims to protect and expand your loyal guests, because they are at the core of the hotel profitability. Although guest satisfaction is an old concept, what makes this subject more important nowadays is globalization and the speed at which information travels. The value of the hotel is defined and measure by the guest satisfaction.
All the information about your guests will be tracked. From the the spa services to the food or beverage choices that they have. All kinds of information that make sense today, can be monitored from a single location. More importantly, with all this information being available, you can make all kinds of analysis and predictions and then share it with your team through the integrated email management system, where you can track how many people received and opened your message.
Under the CRM umbrella you can conduct both internal and external questionnaires, with ability of sharing them with your guests through kiosk, web or smart devices. Furthermore instant feeds will be send to the related departments for further analysis and complaint management.
Whichever front office software the chain hotels use, we can fully integrate it with our system. All the information can be collected at a center data base, offering a mobile interface for each department to use

Filter and sort your guest, your vendors, tour operators and so on for group e-mails or texts as well as bulk label printing. Unlimited features for sorting categories. Freely enter any type of guest related information and access it easily.

Define and create questionnaire with unique questions and answers. You can record and analyze them by using the web, kiosks and PC’s. Create room reservations for special guests according to predefined rules.

Guest Information and Requests/Complaints

  • Standard identity card, invoice, address, phone, credit card, language, occupation, group information
  • Unlimited category definitions, features, preferences, etc. All kinds of guest information and easy access
  • Question-answer, information recording, questionnaire form etc. Record information with unlimited details
  • Show only the answered questions or fields for each guests
  • Complaint follow-up (Follow-up, results, cost)
  • Guest Special requests follow-up, planning with the specific department, time and repeat features, cost analysis statistics of these requests
  • Multitasks for requests and complaints, individual task descriptions and automated e-mail / SMS notifications
  • Reservation, accommodation, spending etc. Statistics automatically updated according to the system information (Last room number, date of stay, number of visits and accommodation, total or average expenditure)
  • Free and flexible report generating based on all information entered
  • Guest accommodation, booking, spending, current account, complaint, preferences, requests, health transactions, surveys etc. Access detailed information from one screen
  • Tracking and data entry via mobile devices

Group Communication

  • Group E-Mails and texts sending to Guests, Vedonrs, Agent / Company and Personnel
  • Automatically Merge all dublicated guest cards in one
  • Automatically print guest address label
  • When sending group texts, the ability to extract and sort only the GSM mobile numbers, from the phone code
  • Extract GSM number from all phone number fields
  • Search guests by criteria such as name, surname, city, country, nationality, group, occupation, firm, date of birth, date and number of the accommodation, number of visits, room fee, sum of expenses
  • To make a special inquiry (guest inquiry according to all the information recorded in the system, for example all guests who requested wine at the restaurant)
  • Guest search option only for the current guests
  • Create personalized group messages with message templates created according to events (such as a holiday message or Christmas message with your name surname)
  • Preview and check messages before sending
  • Acess to all previous contact with the guests in a n archive form


  • Unique questionnaire design
  • Group questionnaire answers by categories
  • Define all kinds of questions and answers (multiple choice, date, single choice, short or long writing, number, etc.)
  • Define specific question templates
  • Defining survey location
  • Options to fill the survey with a compact or web interface (sent by e-mail or use of kiosk terminals)
  • Create a private survey e-mail for the guest and send it to the local system immediately after completing it
  • You can create a private survey e-mail for the guest and send it to the local system immediately after completing the survey and filling the questionnaire.
  • Ability to anaylze according to departments all the multiple choice questionnaires o a single page at a predefined date
  • Determin of target success on the basis of the question and automatic determination of deviations from this success
  • To be able to report questionnaires on guest and question basis (distinction between subject and department complaint)
  • Ability to report survey results in numeric-score tables or graphically

Venue Reservation

  • Reservation types according to current or special guests
  • On the registration screen the guest's language, nationality, group, dates of stay etc. Instant access to all information
  • Access from the registration screen previous bookings
  • Access to capacity and occupancy information for all selected venues on the registration screen
  • Automatically prepare the registration paperwork in the language of the guest
  • See group reservation defines on specific dates

Health Services

  • Registering of guests in the infirmary and health center
  • Complaints, diagnosis and history
  • Unlimited notes on health status
  • Reservation, guest history etc. Access this information from each screen


  • All guest information is on one screen
  • Group / Personal mailings
  • Guest complaints / comments
  • Communication before and after accommodation (Welcome, ThankYou, Celebrations letters
  • Mobile / Web Guest Panels, easy to use from all devices
  • Guest preferences
  • Current guest profiles and other information
  • Intelligent data collection
  • Surveys (Inhouse, Kiosk, Web, Mobile)
  • Different scoring possibilities for each question
  • Complaints and demand management in all aspects
  • Ability to define guest data from each unit (Sales, Spa, F & B, ...)

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