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Issue 10

AmonRa News
icon From the Editor,

With the help of online systems, it has become very accessible for guests to reach a hotel. The guests can communicate with the hotel directly as well as express their special needs and desires. You are able to offer this personal touch and win some of the competition’s customers over.

We have also intensified AmonRa’s Software R&D work relating guest oriented approach and efficient data management. We are offering a way in which the hospitality industry can also make use of Big Data. We will provide great benefits for your online reputation management, especially loyalty. As a technology provider for the hospitality business, we will be a lot more with you in the near future with innovative services.

icon The Missing Parts

Does your PMS provider meet all your needs? What if you would try AmonRa GRM, with options that range from operation management to energy consumption, having the possibility to integrate with more than 40 PMS in the finance module.

icon Loyalty Management

SIncrease the satisfaction of both you and your guests, having double sided gains from the loyalty management module at a small investment too.