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Issue 11

icon From the Editor

Dear Tourism Professionals,

Based on your expressed needs and our R&D efforts, we have been focusing a lot on guest satisfaction lately. Keeping on track with our usual developments, creating the possibility of integration with other various domestic and foreign products. Meanwhile, we are also working on developing a cloud based PMS, we will soon tell you more about this news.

We wish you a productive and enjoyable day :)

icon Guest Experience Management

You create the experience for your guests through the quality of the interaction between you and them. These interaction stats from the point of booking and it continues even after the guest left.

We offer a guest experience management software, that allows you to easily be on top of all the processes related to online reputation, loyalty along other sub modules such as e-ticketing. Feel free to contact us for further information.

icon The power of portal comments

Every person that has been your guest, could be reference for a future guest. HGR can considerably help you with this. In you establishment it can be set up on tablets, kiosks or own PC. As we all know all the information that these portals require is tedious and it takes a lot of time. We can help out with QR codes, just a quick scan and everything is already filled in or emails with a single click and all the details are already in there.

With HGR you can benefit of reviewing the comments that have not yet been posted, make statistical comparisons , analyze the data, all of this can be done from your own hotel without the risk of manipulation

Hotel Guest Review

icon Financial Management

With this module we are continuing to support your business process with our software innovation, making everything much easier for you and your business.

Thanks to this module, the department can follow your request, can be integrated with external accounting and budgeting software that you use, internal and external payments, kept under control within the collection of your system, you can convert all of them into a regular or ad-hoc reports and analysis. And all of these features are also available on your mobile devices too.