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Issue 12

Editorden From the editor…


User Experience Manager

Dear tourism professionals,

After a long break, we are here again to give you some good news in order to make life a bit easier in the hospitality industry.

Today I would like to tell you about the guest-product development and its importance in the holiday circle.

The hospitality industry is a very labour intensive industry, where you have to deal with all sorts of employees and guests, as well as the fierce competition

In our century technology is developing at an incredible fast pace, and we should take advantage of it. I am going to talk to you about HGR and how much positive impact it will bring to your establishment.

Birazdan okuyacağınız satılarda, detayların ilginizi çekeceğini ve bizde bu uygulamalar neden eksik? diye sorgulayacağınızı düşünüyor, misafir memnuniyetinizi organik yöntemlerle artırmakta oldukça büyük bir kolaylık sağlayacak HGR “Hotel Guest Review” ürünümüz ile sizleri tanıştırmak istiyorum...

Verimli ve keyifli günler dileriz :-)

HotechAcilis Hotech opens their own office in Berlin


You might think Hotech os just an IT company and why would we need an office in a different country....part of our european and why not global expansion this is a necessary step. We have developed Otello Hospitality ERP strictly for the european market and we are planning to offer support and management solution directly from one of the most important cities in Europe, Berlin.

Our office is up and running currently in Berlin. Having already employed a small team ready to cater to all your needs.

MisafirDeneyimleri Guest Experience

The holiday cycle of your guests is actually a never-ending process. Dreams begin, followed by the stage of the research process and the reservation, sharing with others the experience of these processes along with ongoing post-stay accommodation and so on.

Under these circumstances the classic CRM implementation it is often lacking or cannot cater to for all these steps. GEM reinforces the notion that we create awareness before, during and after the holiday experiences - Guest Experience Management (GEM) lets you manage this process without the need of any other software for the hospitality industry.

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BasariHikayesi Success Story


For the those of you who are using HGR we have some news regarding the latest stats. From 640 thousand customers that received emails after their holiday, we had a 75% of selected true emails, this means that 75% of the 640 thousand received the emails. From these guests 98% reviewed the hotel they stayed in. Turkish and Greek hotels using our HGR increased their ratings by 10% in this short amount of time.


You still do not know what HGR is, then let this small animation clear the air for you


EksikParcalar Are you missing some key features?


Your PMS provider doesn’t provide you with all the modules you need? You can always switch to AmonRa GRM, we offer modules from Operation Management to Energy Consumption or Finance Modules, and we are able to integrate with your PMS.