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Issue 13

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In this month’s newsletter i would like to discuss one of the most important topics in today’s business world, customer loyalty.

In today’s business world the internet plays a vital role for any consumer, opening the gateways to every single corner of the world, making it more accessible and more transparent, giving the customers the power of choice. Everyday these customers are connected to their transactions more than ever, they can check where to invest or buy from, how many other companies offer the same product, reviews of those products and much more. In other words the customer is king and we as a business have to tailor our products and services to fit their demands and expectations. Loyalty is much more than a behaviour. If one of our customers buys from us repeatedly it does not necessarily mean they have reached that loyalty point, there are a vast amount of other reasons for that customer still being in business with you. Here are a couple examples:

  • Maybe we have a contract with them
  • They already purchased products or services from us and it will be too time consuming or costly to change vendor now
  • Maybe we are a low cost supplier now
  • Maybe they are in the process of finding another supplier as we speak

We can never know exactly, can we..

Özetle sadakat, şartlar ne olursa olsun, müşteriniz sizinle iş yapmak istiyor ve hala da yapmaya devam ediyor anlamına gelir.

According to the research done by the global consulting firm Bain & Company the business that create 5% loyal guests have reported a 75% increase in their profitability.

Loyalty Loyalty Management

Steps to an effective loyalty program

  • Configuring a data warehouse
  • Data Mining
  • Segmentation
  • Segmentation related Strategies
  • Software solution
  • Know how


The benefits of Loyalty Management

  • Learn more about your customers and build a stronger relationship with them
  • Increase your profitability and create repeat customers
  • Increase the lifetime value of your customers
  • Make current customers more profitable
  • Avoid overwhelming price wars with the competition
  • Create brand advocates
  • Guest on property spending
  • Guest spending patterns
  • Guest reward solutions
  • Guest specific discount rates

For more information or consulting about Loyalty Management


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