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Issue 14


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I think that we all agree 2016 was not the most amazing year, business wise, for most of us; leaving it in the past we did gain great strength through your support and positive energy. We have signed CRM-oriented projects that we believe will make a great impact in hospitality sector. With our constantly evolving vision, we have renewed some of our processes and we are sure that these changes will bring great support to our fellow sector friends.

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Snapshot SnapShot

We continue to facilitate the work of hoteliers by signing an important business alliance with SnapShot, used by more than two thousand hotels worldwide.

Thanks to SnapShot, which provides users with a very easy and understandable way to store data from many sources such as Google Analytics, STR, social media channels and TripAdvisor, having all this hotel related date readily accessible to to the users. We will be merging this external data with the internal one, collected through our software, presenting it to the hoteliers in one simple screen.


QMaw QM Awards

We proudly want to tell you you that we have been awarded the second time “Best Managed Hotel Software Program” on behalf of “QM Awards”. Approximately 43,000 tourism industry professionals are considered for QM awards or Quality Management awards, within Turkey.

We are very pleased to see that we have begun collecting the fruits of our innovative products, which are focused on CRM and Guest Satisfaction that are also integrated with the PMS’s from each property.

Loyalty e-Payment

Now, you can securely collect all payments through our e-Payment module, created especially for solving fraud and privacy problems that most hotels experience. Your guests can easily make payments thorugh 3D secure system, without worrying about their confidential details

What is 3D Security system?

In the 3D Secure system, when a payment transaction is in progress, the bank verifies if the preregistered bank holder identifications matches with the person performing the transaction, in this way unauthorised people are prevented from making online transactions without the card owner knowing.

How Does 3D Secure Work?

The cardholder registers his card to the bank on an internet banking channel. The cardholder authenticates themselves to the issuing bank on the 3D Secure page (One Time PIN, known password etc.) ... Our acquiring bank authorises the transaction (by communicating with the credit card network and issuing bank) The response (success or failure) is passed back up the chain to the card holder and therefore the transaction can or cannot take place.

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AKBS Identity Notification

Under the revised law, accommodation facilities are obliged to notify their guest information at the moment of check-in. As you know, the law stipulates that not only the transfer of this information to the appropriate government body is mandatory, but also the safekeeping of it as well as the reporting of it when requested.

While continuing to facilitate your life with innovative technological solutions tailored to your own structure for every accommodation facility from the youngest to the youngest, we continue to develop and update our web services integration infrastructure, which is also required for compliance with the relevant legislation.

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Blog Hotech Blog

In our last blog post we mentioned "Sport Tourism". With a business volume of 180 billion dollars in the world and a growth rate of 14% per year, the sector is on its way to become a shining star of tourism.

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Roportaj An Interview

The technology you use in your business, can make daily tasks much more easier and also bring extra value, financial wise. Having this in mind, we further developed our CRM focused solutions, specifically for the Accommodation Sector. With extended research procedures and not only including sector professionals but also academicians in our development of the end result. We are very pleased to see that brand such as Steigenberger or Barut now collect the fruits of an efficient use of our products.
We invite you to red the interview with Hotech’s Informatics User Experience Manager, Berfu Tekbas, talking to GM Magazine on the topic of:

"CRM is a philosophy, hospitality CRM will overcome the crisis."

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