Otello is a Hospitality ERP that has no any other examples in the global market and targeted to cover all business processes of a hospitality property without compromising on data quality.


AmonRa is ideal for standard hospitality operations. Besides these, unlimited reports (RaExcel technology) different system integrations and many more features are included in this standard package.


With Guest Experience Management, you can easily manage all kinds of data about your guests, easily increase guest satisfaction by following your guests' footprints and increase your revenue by using a completely integrated system.



Front Office Management

  • Easy FO operations with task based screens
  • A perfect balance between flexibility and data security
  • Innovative visual Room Plan with unlimited customization
  • Instant access to all guest related data from daily screens
  • VIP guest maintanence - capacity or quotas warnings; Blacklist option for those guest who created difficulties during their stay
  • All customer related paperwork can be done in their own language
  • Automatic account transactions based on payment methods and folio types
  • Immediate invoicing with up to 20 different description options



  • Central Guest Profile Database
  • Single Screen for All Guest Data
  • Survey/Questionaires (Kiosk, Web, Mobile)
  • Ind/Bulk Guest Letters (Birthdate, Special Dates)
  • Guest Requests/Comments
  • Pre/After Travel Letters
  • Embedded Mobile/Web Guest Panel
  • Guest Preferences
  • Smart Data Collection (Captive Screen, Social Portals)
  • Unlimited category definitions, features, preferences, etc. All kinds of guest information and easy access


HGR-Hotel Guest Review

  • Guest Comment Portals Integration (TripAdvisor, HolidayCheck)
  • Your guests can comment on portals in a single step without requiring membership
  • Your guests can comment on portals while they are still in your property
  • Written comments could be viewed before they are published
  • Quick and instantaneous possibility to react on complaints and comments
  • All these could be done without the risk of manipulation


Guest Valuation Engine

  • implified Investment and Marketing
  • Identify opportunities and create specific promotions
  • Maximise guest lifetime value
  • Increase customer retention
  • Increase response rate
  • Upgraded segmentation approach


Operation Management

  • Call Center for all Guest Operations
  • Technical Services
  • Guest Complaints
  • Guest Request Tasks
  • Maintenance
  • Task Management
  • Event Orders
  • Task Instructions
  • Follow-Up Alerts

Loyalty Management

  • Spending bonuses at other affiliates
  • Bi-directional data exchange and integration with external bonus systems
  • Long or short term membership
  • Flexible and trackable discounts on all kinds of accommodations and expenditures
  • Categorization of guests based on expenditure/accommodation


Banquet and Conference Management

  • Customized Data Screen for diff. event types (conf, wedding, etc.)
  • Location, Stuff and Device calendars
  • Individual or group event management
  • Packaged or ad-doc sales
  • Operation integrated Event Orders
  • Intelligent Communications for groups/events


Finance Demand Management

  • Multi-level Financial Request Process
  • Multi-branch requests
  • Accounting, Budget interfaces
  • Int.&Ext. Payments
  • Collections
  • Regular and Ad-hoc reports & analysis



  • Guest Web Portal
  • Guest Preferences
  • Guest Requests and Upsel on Web
  • Questionnaire (Web, Mobile)
  • Pre-registration
  • Pre/Post Guest Experience Panel (Web, Mobile)



  • Operational Budget
  • Renovation/Free Form Budget
  • Financial Budget
  • Departmental, collaborative budget preparation and tracking
  • Embedded to inventory, purchasing and sales
  • Instant tracking from web/mobile devices
  • Target based alert messages (e-mail, sms)
3D Secure

3D Secure-ePayment

  • Reliable online payment
  • No Mail Order, no any other system for payment collection
  • 3D Secure payments


Online Rezervasyon Motoru

Online Booking Engine

  • Compatible with all devices Responsive Design
  • Multi language options
  • Theme selection compatible with corporate colors


Inventory & Purchasing

  • Multi-Store Inventory & Pricing
  • Periodic Count/Cost Calculation
  • Real-Time Cost in all modules (banquet, spa, custom, ...)
  • Flexible contract and budget integration
  • Automated internal or external requests
  • Web based supplier processes
  • Confirmation, request and budget alerts (sms, email)
  • Web or mobile device based confirmation
  • Fully customizable and real-time regular cost reports

SPA Management

  • Single Screen Calendar Based Operationsr
  • Full interface to hotel modules (CRM, Sales, FO, Acc, Inv, Cost)
  • Fixed or flexible packaging
  • Walk-in, hotel, membership guests
  • Mobile/web instant reservation


  • Seamless interfaces to Res. Systems (Booking Engines, CRS) Interfaces to Channel Managers
  • Interfaces to Review Portals (HolidayCheck, TripAdvisor)
  • Guest data-driven campaigns
  • Fully trackable reputation management
  • Tool independent ecosystem
  • Fully Automatised Data Exchange
  • Mobile Devices (All)
  • e-Payment


  • Customized Meter Forms
  • Regular Metering
  • Custom Calculation Formulas
  • Auto Task based Tracking

Asset Management

  • Asset Lists and Attributes
  • Periodical Maintenance Planning
  • Service Tracking (Inhouse, Outsource)
  • Location Maps

Sales Force

  • Sales Force Management
  • Account-Contact Management
  • Sales Calls
  • Sales Tasks
  • Proposals

Business Intelligence

  • Full combination of all reporting and charting technologies
  • Regular or auto-generated e-mail of reports
  • System wide consistent reporting
  • Web, Mobile or PC viewing for all reports
  • No Excel, no other external tools
  • User-Defined templates for single click analysis
  • Irregular data inclusion with scripting
  • All Excel-like functionality without Excel
  • %100 automatic prepared Excel-like reports
  • Conditional formatting with results
  • Remote or local data for every Cell
  • User-defined alerts for all operation/targets
  • %100 guaranty for every report request

Facility Management

  • Automated Task Management
  • Logging of failures with pictures, audios and videos
  • Lost & found reporting
  • Tracking of cleaning progress in real time
  • Performance reports
  • Status update in PMS
  • Digital payroll / accounting
  • Front office and housekeeping connection


Booker Loyalty

  • Segments on the basis of quality and quantity
  • Flexible scoring mechanism
  • Dashboard presentations by Admin and Booker segmentation
  • Reports and graphical screens based on transactions
  • Easy to use and quick access
  • Big Data Management and Analysis


Sales Contract Audit

  • Individual or Group-Based Contract Entries
  • Fast access to Invoice and Accommodation Details
  • Sales and Reservation Date Difference Check
  • Check differences in price deviations
  • Accounting - Front Office - Otello, compare through single list
  • Period and Date Control
  • Controls on Market and Sub Market
  • Instant monitoring from Web / Mobile devices
  • Warning messages (e-mail, sms, mobile, web)


CRM Colsultancy


After spending many years as a Global CRM & CCM Manager in the Rixos Chain, Berfu Tekbaş who has extended experience in guest satisfaction in hospitality, continues her professional life as a consultant to respectable hospitality companies as Steigenberger.

Areas of expertise:

Customer Relationship Management
Online Reputation Management
Social Media Management
Social CRM
Data warehouse configuration
Data control & quality
Survey Management
Complaint Management
Customer Needs Analysis
Confidential Customer Applications
Loyalty Programs
Total Quality Management

Digital Marketing & Social Media Consultancy

Abdullah GÜRCAN

Abdullah Gurcan has 20 years experience of digital marketing and online sales. He has shared his experiences with companies like Hilton, Emirates, Rixos, ThomasCook, SunExpress, Gillette, Pantene, Head&Shoulders and served as consultant and trainer.

Mr. Gurcan is currently serving as a lecturer and consultant about Digital Marketing, Social Media and Reputation Management at Antalya International University.

Areas of expertise:

Digital Marketing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Marketing (Google, Facebook)
Social Media Management
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Online Sale & Reservation Management (OTA + GDS )

Hotel Reputation Management

Review Management Training
A broad perspective of Vacation Culture and Expectations of European Travelers are given to hotel staff and management by Derya Mum Turgut. This training is also beneficial for tourism operator and associations that come in contact with the European market. The benefit of this training is understanding you guest therefore reaching customers satisfaction which will ultimately increase the value of the property on guest review portals.

Financial Consulting

A. Nevzat AYSAL
After graduating from Business Administration Faculty of Istanbul University, he received his master's degree in Finance and Economics. He has been active in the business market for more than 35 years. After serving 12 years as an executive director at Koç Holding, he has continued his professional life as a director and counseling in several companies. His main expertise and counselling areas are Tourism Investments, Accounting and Tax Compliance, Management Accounting, Credit Management, Financial Planning and Operations. He has been consulting for Hotech since 2000.

Hotech Solutions are suitable for integration with any additional software or technological system that can be used in a hospitality property thus increasing the benefits for the property, providing time & convenience for the user, increasing the data reliability, eliminating repetition of data entries and processes.

Channel Manager


Door lock


Phone Exchange

ID Scanner

Visiual Systems



Internet Logging

Please contact for integration possibilities with 3rd party systems