Finance Demand Management

Finance Demand Management

When making your payment plan, no need to concern about the following anymore:

  • Payment deadline
  • Mail traffic for approvals
  • Selecting the right budget
  • How much you owe
  • Payment deadline

derdine son!!!

With Hotech Finance Management now everything is easier:

  • Compatible with any accounting system
  • "Approval system, making the process faster and reliable showing who was the last person to approve, how far along the line it is and how much longer is the waiting period"
  • Notifications for black list option for problematic vendors
  • Business types and their method of payment (all types of payments included)


  • See what payments you got from a different companies without having to open a new screen/window
  • Bank details of the companies from the payment plan
  • Which budget will be used for which payments
  • Payment summary information such as currency, company name etc.
  • No need to search for each payment, everything can be done at once from one single window


  • When is our payment due and what was our expected payment date
  • Which currency should the payment be made in
  • Ability to approve payments one by one or as a group
  • Recording and listing employee transactions to see who enabled the last changes

Financial flow exactly
as you planned it

  • Creating Finance Cash Plan
  • Creating Payment Request
  • Creating Payment Request List
  • Creating Cheque and Bonds list
  • Invoice tab show you if the invoice was paid or not
  • Integrating with the purchasing module enables you to see in detail what was purchased
  • Agreement Tab shows you the proposals and/or special agreements. If there are any additional clauses about the payments you can also track and manage them from here


  • Track all your group’s financial transactions
  • Head office can always track and check each financial movement individually or group based
  • Tracking from one single screen even when payments are made from one hotel or another budget
  • While making the payment plan the ability to see all the financial dynamics from branches or headquarters on one window making the whole process faster

Finance Demand Management Module

  • Payment Request
  • Finance Confirmation
  • Planning
  • Finance Transactions
  • Collection Request
  • Checks and Bonds
  • Financial Analysis
  • Additional Definitions and Specifications

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