Front Office Management

All guest records related tasks and reports available in any format with unlimited options of statistical analysis


Otello makes life a little bit easier for your business by doing all the reservation operations for you. Having the option to use a basic platform where you just enter simple data such as date and guest name or a more comprehensive one where more details can be specified.

  • Reminder pop ups regarding repeat guest related to their special requests and preferences
  • VIP guest maintanence - capacity or quotas warnings; Blacklist option for those guest who created difficulties during their stay
  • Flexible and easy group bookings, group rooms add / remove, group specific pricing
  • Reservation
  • Guest Information
  • Group Bookings
  • Flight Transfer Reservation
  • Statistics - Reporting
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For a fast and perfect service when it comes to front desk, CRM is the best assistance that you need. With just the click of a button every action can be done from one screen and the answer for any question is there.

  • All customer related paperwork can be done in their own language
  • Check in and Check out options from one single screen
  • Group check in/out using the fast track system
  • Options for guest security check, vehicle security check and visitor security check
  • Night Audit management
  • Check In
  • Check In optionsCheckIn seçeneği
  • Check Out
  • Main gate entrance and exit
  • Night Audit
  • Reports and Lists
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Accounting has never been so easy. The possibility of entering all kinds of data in your guest’s invoice such as collections, refunds, deposits, current accounts, transfers, adjustments and discounts in different currencies. You and your guest will have instant accessibility to any invoice related enquiry.

  • Automatic account transactions based on payment methods and folio types
  • Electronic expenditure feature compatible with the guest folio (special discount, limits and prepayments)
  • The possibility of each transaction to be authorized, reviewed and tracked by designated personnel
  • Separately defined detailed authorization, security and tracking records for every single transaction
  • Immediate invoicing with up to 20 different description options
  • Accounts
  • FrontCash operations
  • Invoicing Folio
  • Reports and Statistics
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Sales Contracts Management

With put smart pricing module, different types of pricing and discounts depending on each contract.

  • Gradual price reduction strategies depending on the time of booking, on account of a cue
  • Pricing based on tour operator, market, package, private room and on request
  • Pricing without a predefined contract , i.e walk ins
  • Price differentiation strategy for any day
  • Access to all details related to pricing, implementation and discounts during the check in process
  • Defining the Company
  • Defining the Contract
  • Discount
  • Booking Pricing
  • Sales Statistics


All kinds of room related information such as room and bed types, location and room features description for better choice when it comes to satisfying your guest. Rooms under usage by personnel or defective ones will automatically be reduced from the number of available rooms and transition rooms will be signaled in the system too.

  • List or rack (RoomRack) room operations
  • Lost and found
  • Out of order rooms and tracking restoration process
  • Tracking housekeeping services for floors or blocks and creating reports
  • Room Transactions
  • Lost and Found
  • Maintenance
  • Reports
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Room Rack and Planning

Every option you can implement in a Room Rack software, Otello does it better.Option to used the classic rack plan or create an own-defined one. Personalize the way room rack presents your data, changing colors, fonts, shapes even pictures.

  • Use different racks to organise on account of room types, blocks and floor
  • Different colors for business and room status
  • Customs icons and colors depending on the room current condition
  • Icons for babies and pets
  • Perform check in/out operations, client expenditure or room status directly from the rack software
  • All client and booking information available in Rack
  • Hotel, block, floor and room plans created on account of the original structure
  • Room Rack
  • Rack Plan
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