RFM-Guest Valuation Engine

Guest Valuation Engine is a vital CRM tool for hoteliers to smartly segment and target their guest in accordance with their RFM scores

Do you know which guests are the most profitable for your business?
Do you know which guests you are about to lose?
and most importantly…
Do you know how to approach each segment?

RFM Score

Recency: How recently did they visit you?


Frequency: How often did they visit you?


Monetary: How much did they spend?


The Process

Distributes guests into various segments


  • Giving RFM scores to each guest
  • Identifying your best guests - the ones with the highest score
  • Analyzing the characteristics and purchasing behavior of these groups
  • Understanding what distinguishes them from typical guests

Segmentation and Marketing

No more Mass marketing, target specific groups, get a higher response rate!

You are customizing your marketing campaigns for:

RFM Segmentasyon
  • Who are my best guests?
  • Who has the potential to be converted into a more profitable guests?
  • Which are the lost guests that you don’t need to pay much attention to?
  • Which guests you must retain?
  • Who are your loyal guests?
  • Which group of guests is most likely to respond to your campaigns?

The Benefits

RFM Faydaları
  • Simplified Investment and Marketing
  • Identify opportunities and create specific promotions
  • Maximise guest lifetime value
  • Increase customer retention
  • Increase response rate
  • Upgraded segmentation approach

Campaign Example

RFM Marketing

GVE Brings Profit!

You are customizing your marketing campaigns for:

RFM Kâr Sağlar
  • Your current loyal customers, by targeting them directly
  • The potential loyal customers by offering them customized services to fit their needs

Resulting in a better organized budget, therefore less cost and a much higher benefit than before!

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