Loyalty Management

In order to help you be a step ahead in the lodging industry we redefined our Loyalty Management module to fit smaller and medium size business.
Using this module, we will help you gain more from your customer interaction and services, turning your customer loyalty cycle beneficiary not only for you but also for your guests.

How to plan a specific Loyalty Program for your property?

Configuring a data warehouse

Your first step is to decide which of the many guests that approach you are of the most importance for your business and in which means are their doing so. After finding out through which channels these customers interact with you we will start implementing the necessary module using that particular channel.

Data Mining

Guest information obtained from the PMS will be further examined and refined, finding and merging duplicate data, obtaining a clearer,for a more useful end result


Having customer oriented data will allow you to create your own guest segmentation allowing you to understand them better and cater to their needs

Developing segment specific strategies

Offering specific products and services according to the guest segmentation, for potentially new guest as well as offering greater value by meeting needs and wants related products for your actual guests

Loyalty Program

The loyalty program will be in accordance with the vision and mission of your business not only creating an adequate implementation plan but also making sure the business organisation and technological related details are up to date. Furthermore, a performance measurement should be done.

Creating customer loyalty doesn't only increase your sales but it creates great sales persons and brand ambassadors having a long term connection that will only be beneficial for all involved parties.

  • Guest centric operations and data flow
  • Guest rewards systems
  • Possibility of using guest rewards earnings in other establishments
  • bi-directional data exchange and integration facilities with external rewards systems
  • Long or short term membership
  • Flexible and traceable discounts for accommodation or other services
  • Accommodation or expenditure based guest categorization
  • Free or restricted spending of rewards bonus points on account of point of sales, activity or department
  • Deadline definitions for rewards spending
  • Pre-credit reward identification
  • Guest specific rewards and discounts
  • By analyzing purchasing trends, ability to create specific campaigns depending on guest behaviours.

Loyalty Management Aid,

  • Understand your guests better
  • Guest spending patterns
  • Rewards programmes
  • Guest related discounts and rewards

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