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User Testimonials

Dilara Selimoğlu ÖZÜRÜN

Vice Chairman of the Board

Being able to use different softwares with different providers, all integrated with Hotech’s solutions has proven to instantly speed up our daily tasks. Furthermore, having our headquarters in a different location that the hotels and still being able to communicate efficiently has proven to be a recipe of success for us.

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Member of the Board

We have been using "RaFront", "RaBack" and "RaPOS" of AmonRa Software for our company's front office, spots, spa centers, purchasing, housekeeping, F & B and cost control areas. Not only we feel that we have increased our control over the operations but also our efficiency. Thank you for your contributions to Hotech and wish you success.

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Gürkan ÇANGA

General Manager

Since 2012 we are operating at 5 different buildings with 2 separate receptions in Galata. Starting in August 2014, we have been introduced to Amonra’s Hospitality Software. Starting day one, our receptionists got training and support, being impressed in terms of ease of use and accessibility within the operations. One of the most important elements of hotel management is speed, the faster the guest is placed in the hotel room the better. All the form filling procedures have to go quick and smooth. All of this will lead to a great first impression from the guest and therefore a high review score. Our group, which was using a different software before, has increased their guest satisfaction after picking Amonra...

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IT Manager

Hotech IT did not only sell us the software, but provided with a assistance, training and support. I would definitely recommend Hotech both for their great products and financial accessibility, making them much more attractive than their competitors...

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Hülya SİLİ

Sales & Marketing Manager

With the help of HGR ee have been able to monitor everything related to our HolidayCheck and TripAdvisor activity. All our efforts to satisfy the guests are being transcribed online by them, growing every year...

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General Manager

Before we opened our hotel, we received a lot of positive feedback from other hotels that were using AmonRa software, leading us to choose it too. We were pleased to find out that the price quality is fair and the team is very helpful and dynamic. As Renata Suits, we would like to thank HOTECH team for their day and night support, making our operation run more efficient and smoother. As long as you continue like this, you will always be our first choice...

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Asst. Guest Relation Manager

Thanks to HGR we have increased our HolidayCheck ranking, making our hotels more attractive to potential guests...

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Front Office Manager

As Limak group we have a guest satisfaction oriented mentality and seeing the same work ethic from Hotech makes us very pleased. With your dynamic development, innovation and 24/7 customer support, we can see clearly the quality of sercive and products that you offer.

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Guest recommendation reached 98%. Besides the obvious benefits, HOTECH team and their support service has always been there for us. They are more than a technology company, they create great synergy with their customers...

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Şerafettin ÇAYAR

IT & Personal Manager

In 2008 our hotel was awarded a 5 star status, with this we were in need for a hotel management software as our capacity and service diversity changed. AmonRa was the only company able to meet all of the criteria for software features, pricing, company attitude, reliability, compliance with sectoral changes and uninterrupted support...

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Hatice CESUR

HR & Finance Manager

As Büyük Abant Hotel, we have been working with AmonRa since the year 2000. We are very pleased with the modules that we are using and the 24/7 support; this support being delivered either remotely or face to face, making problem solving and solutions finding fast and easy. I would like to thank HOTECH, it’s specialists and the support team...

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General Manager

Three years ago we were looking for 3 characteristics while choosing our software for Golden Way: to meet our needs operational wise, security and most importantly post-sales support. After a cost – benefit analysis we had come to the conclusion that AmonRa is the company to tick all the above requests. Operating Istanbul’s biggest alcohol free service concept, we want to thank the 24/7 support that we got from HOTECH team and we wish them to keep up the good work.

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General Manager

We decided to work with AmonRa based on recommendation. I must admit that at first we were skeptical, but as time went by we realized that not only our decision was a great one but that our expectations were far exceeded by the performance. AmonRa didn’t just give us a product, but offered us a service. Supporting us regarding sales, software development, being there for us for whatever we needed, whenever we needed...

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Guest Relation Manager

With the help of HGR at least 70% of our reviews were published, impressively decreasing our workload with their practical system. We are very satisfied with your service every since March 2016, when we started our cooperation...

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Arzu KOÇ

Guest Relation Manager

You can get great results when combining the very efficient AmonRa software, the simplicity of using it and your own determination...

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Sevilay DURU

Asst. General Manager

As Limak group we have a guest satisfaction oriented mentality and seeing the same work ethic from Hotech makes us very pleased. With your dynamic development, innovation and 24/7 customer support, we can see clearly the quality of sercive and products that you offer...

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Agah Okay ALKAN

Hotel Manager

With HOTECH products, the daily operations can be done in a very practical way, creating future planning and managerial reports in a very easy and flexible way. Being able to integrate their products with other ones, gives us a lot of flexibility in the operational sense. I cannot ignore the contribution of the support team, working 24/7 to assist us.

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